The physicians lifeguard


About Us-min

The Physicians Lifeguard- Keeping Your Practice Above Water!

Our Mission

The Physicians Lifeguard mission is to ensure that private practice owners stay in private practice by optimizing their revenue cycle with the most accurate coding, lowest claims rejection rates, and reducing overhead costs.

Our Approach

We focus solely on revenue cycle management which ensures our teams highly trained. This guarantees our customers that they are getting the best service without having to hire or train additional staff. By having centralized and singularly focused billing management teams we are able to not only reduce our costs, but pass those savings onto our customers. Not only that, you will never have to worry about vacation or sick days again because our teams are always at work.

Our Team

Accurate Coding, Knowledgeable Claims Submission, Cutting-Edge Technology!

Experienced & Certified Coders

Our coders are AAPC or AHIMA credentialed with experience in over 60 specialties. In addition to highly accurate coding, our teams provide critical feedback, education, and trend analysis back to all our customers.

Claims Department

Claims submission and denials management is what they do! Feel confident knowing that your billing department is solely focused on getting your claims paid.

Technology Solutions

We can provide your practice with industry leading Practice Management and EHR systems. No ridiculous $30,000+ upfront cost and you never pay for technical support! See a live demo for yourself!