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The Physicians Lifeguard is your one-stop shop for all your EHR, Practice Management, Billing and Coding needs. We love to utilize our integrated iClaim & EMRx Systems but can work with your favorite systems too!


Our Practitioner-In-Mind, Electronic Health Records System That Fully Integrates with iClaim


Our Cutting Edge, All-in-One, Cloud-Based, Practice Management & Billing System!


Your Done-For-You Coding and Billing Service! Where Every Claim We Submit Is Reviewed By A Certified Coder!

Our Services

Keep up-to-date with current articles, information, and deadlines from across the medical community.


As an office manager, I couldn’t be more grateful for The Physicians Lifeguard. They have taken claims submission, denials management, appointment reminders, insurance verification and so much more off my shoulders! Now I can focus on running the front office and ensuring our patients are being properly taken care of both inside and outside of the doctor’s office.

Maggie B., OBGYN Office Manager

Having a small practice, we used to just use an Office calendar for all our appointments. I didn’t think it would be worth it to pay for a big fancy practice management program. Thankfully Curtis was able to set me up with a low-cost monthly service instead of an expensive in office system. Now I don’t know how we ever lived without it. It even reminds the patients for us!

Sara C., Family Medicine

Working with The Physicians Lifeguard has been a LIFESAVER, no pun intended. We struggled to find coders that knew all the ins and outs of a pediatrics clinic. Well no more. Our claim submissions go through faster, pay out higher, and I don’t sit up at night worrying about if I ever get audited.

Brian S., Pediatrics Clinic